Monday, March 8, 2010

more-T... World 1st T-shape toothbrush.

Introducing you the... World 1st & only T-shape design toothbrush.
(Proven to be more effective than the conventional toothbrush)

Hand get tired while brushing your teeth? Tired no more with "more-T" toothbrush as it gives:
- The correct method of brushing.
- Effectively remove stains & plagues.
- Reduces tooth decay & gum damage.
- More relaxed teeth brushing.
- High quality round shape bristle.

‘more-T’ is the one and only T-shape toothbrush in the market which is a patented product over more than 100 countries and design in Malaysia.

Design may look simple, but it gives the correct way of brushing teeth, that is the specialty.

Patented cert T-shape toothbrush.
This is the World & Only toothbrush which is T-shape design.